The Brand


Effortless clothing. Inspired by current trends, designed to wardrobe favorites.

Gibson Look, based in Los Angeles, started as a line of classic jackets with casual dressed down elements. Our first item was a super-soft blazer that quickly became the perfect layering piece for week to weekend. We grew the brand into collections based off the philosophy of offering accessible, versatile pieces always made in our favorite soft fabrics.  Designed to wear casual pieces dressed up or elevated items dressed down, each piece adds versatility to every outfit. 

Gibson Look is part of the Stylebuy retail family. It is sold in retail stores throughout the United States and Canada and available online at


The Story & The Inspiration

beth008 (1).jpg

Effortlessly beautiful and always inspiring, Beth Gibson’s legacy lives on today in the collection developed in her name by granddaughter, Suzie Turner. 

In 1924, sax player and band director, Beth Gibson, along with her sisters and of couple friends left home and toured with one of the few all-girl jazz bands during the twenties. The Gibson Navigators performed all over the Vaudeville and Pantages Circuit — visiting the largest cities in the United States and Canada: Chicago, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, and more.

Two generations later, Beth’s independance and determination captured Suzie’s interest and imagination. “When I was little, my cousins and I would dress-up in her dresses from that era.  We’d cut and pin them together, and Grandma was always there telling us we were the most creative, talented and beautiful girls she’d ever known!”

From those early days, Suzie inherited a sense of fashion and the confidence to play with it.  

The sweeping social changes of the 1920s left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. Inspired by her grandmother’s pursuit of music, fashion and culture, Suzie co-founded the Gibson Look label with her husband Matt Turner.