Gibsonlook started as a tribute line to founder Suzie Turner's grandmother who is the namesake of the brand.

"The brand gets its name from my grandmother who led an all-girls jazz band by the name of Gibson’s Navigators in the 1920’s. As the band director, it was her love of performing that inspired early days of dressing up in her dresses and tirelessly performing for her while she played her songs for my cousins and sisters and I. Researching her history when I started the company, I realized my own drive was directly related to her endless belief in what could be and her life story became the strength and opportunity in mine. She lived to be 102 and see her name go from Vaudeville lights to the day our brand launched at the best known retailers. It became my dream to share and inspire a look that would ensure women felt both confident and inspired."


Suzie Turner, Founder & CEO



Established. 2005

Our brand, Gibsonlook launched in 2005 with a collection of updated versatile classic jackets, tops, and tees. The brand quickly developed into wardrobe favorites. We have been in all your favorite stores and proudly expanded our selection online in 2019.


We are a brand who celebrates you. We collaborate with influencers and other brands to connect and when we connect we feel closer to you and your daily life. We are customer-centric and find that listening to what you need helps us create what you want.


Our designs are thought out for the everyday wardrobe. We celebrate versatility, comfort and we design for the occasions of daily moments and plans that take you from work to play to home or travel. We hope our brand will inspire you to celebrate self and we know our collections will cultivate and spark your own personal Gibsonlook.


We know the importance of quality and value so we develop versatile, washable, soft fabrics at great prices. We perform wash and wear testing so you know what to expect from us and we finish our items with techniques to ensure longevity. When you fall in love with an item, you want to have it for a long time so we focus on and develop into this value.

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