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First Look: April

30 Mar 2023 0 Comments

We are ready for you, April -- can we skip the showers and go straight to Flowers?! 



ICYMI, we are thrilled to showcase some of the most unforgettable moments from our Women's Empowerment Month events! Year after year, as we commemorate Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we strengthen our dedication to our values and hopefully make a greater impact by celebrating achievements, fostering support for goals, building stronger relationships, and funding scholarships. This year, we are proud to say that the efforts exceeded our expectations and, with your support, were incredibly rewarding.


Thank you for following along with us as we connected and celebrated customers and friends making a difference every day. For the month of March, a % of Gibsonlook sales contributed to our Knowledge is Power and Empowered Women, Empower Women, and #GLGIVES, initiatives, and together, we were able to fund a full scholarship donated to The Womens Success Center at Utah Valley University, and we thank you for being a part of that! We also invited you to join us by nominating and sharing the story of someone who embodies the qualities that empower and uplift others. The response was energizing, and throughout March, we randomly selected four nominees and presented them with a $200.00 gift card and a styling session to celebrate their achievements and contributions! It proved to be one of the highlights in our office, as we received so many great stories and were able to meet and connect with women making a difference in so many ways it moved us to be better, and reading about all of the remarkable things happening out there empowered us to do more to celebrate the good so we've decided to continue this initiative monthly. Use the link below to nominate someone today who inspires you! Whether it's a family member, friend, or colleague, we want to hear about the amazing women in your life, and monthly we will give two nominees a $200.00 gift card. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE NOMINATION FORM.

Thank you to those nominated and to everyone who nominated the incredible women in their lives-- and please share this with friends and family so we can continue to pay it forward. 

Here are a few inspiring highlights from the women nominated. 

She has been teaching 3rd grade/Special Education for the last 20 years. She not only buys school supplies for many of the students (which many teachers do) she gives them clothes, shoes, coats whatever they may need. She is an inspiration to her family and her friends. 

Her husband died about 4 years ago. At the time, they had a toddler and baby. She has spent the last 4 years taking care of her children, studying to better her education, and uplifting everyone around her. She is so deserving of a gift like this, to treat herself. 

My Mom is such a light and inspiration to those around her. After 15 years of being in remission she was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that had spread to her spine in February 2021. She underwent emergency spinal surgery to remove the cancerous and eliminate the risk of being paralyzed. Her hospital stay was complicated by a massive hemorrhagic stroke followed by seizures. She was in the hospital for over 30 days. She completed 2 weeks of intense rehab to learn how to talk, walk, eat, etc. to be able to walk my brother down the aisle at his wedding that was a month away. She is a devoted wife to her husband of 30 years, a devoted mom to her adult children and an even better grandma with two more grandkids on the way. Even now during chemo and radiation treatments she remains selfless and dedicated to her roles. To the world she is our mom but to us she is our world. She deserves all the pampering and recognition there is to offer.

 She is a mother of three beautiful boys. Sadly, her middle son 7, has brain cancer. He was diagnosed at 2.5 and had surgery, but they were unable to remove the full tumor due to its proximity to the pituitary and optic nerves! She quit her job as an ER nurse to care for him full time. She has little to no time to ever do anything for herself. This gc would be a true bright in her life.

 She is an Assistant Principal at a Title 1 school that serves hundreds of kids coming from various underserved populations. She has been a dedicated public school educator for 25 years starting out as a classroom teacher and eventually working her way up to AP. Along with going back to school three times to get her degrees, she has raised two twin daughters and been a devoted wife to her husband of 30 years. She is selfless, tirelessly working for the betterment of the lives of the people around her, and she deserves so much in return but gets so little. She is the most hard working, loving, and inspirational woman I know. 

 Remember, we are doing this every month and would love to hear you story. 



As we round the corner in to April, Spring occasions are upon us. We are so eager to celebrate and wear our New Spring Arrivals. We have so many beautiful items for every occasion, from new colors in our best-selling items to fresh florals and colors that elevate your everyday look. We put a lot of energy into designing dresses and novelty tops perfect for all our Spring occasions, including weekend brunch, Mother's Day, Weddings, and baby showers. From garden parties, picnics, and park dates to vacations and on to summer. Our fabrics get lightweight and breezy to take you through August and September, and of course, we're launching Gibsonlook exclusive bold and bright florals for weekends and vacations. All our designs are packable, versatile, and the perfect refresh you're looking for to layer into your wardrobe. 

DRUM ROLL...stay tuned throughout April and May and follow along as we launch more favorites, exciting summer collections, beautiful occasion dresses for May events and add a few of our favorite brands from denim to shoes, self care and accessories to Gibsonlook (we know you will love them and we are SO EXCITED to share more in the coming weeks!)  

Happy Spring! 

--xx Gibsonlook 

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