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First Look: September

21 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Do you remember? The 21st night of September?

...We had to do it. It's a song of celebration, and whenever it's on, it evokes a moment of celebration, and we have a lot to celebrate for this edition of Gibsonlook: FIRST LOOK, starting with all of our Fall New Arrivals. 



Toward the end of August, as summer comes to a close and the first day of fall approaches, we get anxious about changing up our day-to-day wardrobe. While the old fashion adage "no white after Labor Day" idea is pretty well debunked, there is a general feeling of changing the hues we're wearing. 

Maybe it's that fall food includes Toasty flavors, Pumpkin Spices, Zucchini, and garden tomatoes, and these are literally in everything! Or is it that everyone is talking about the Starbucks PSL!? And who doesn't love a warm PSL and a new cozy turtleneck as the mornings cool down? 

So we kicked off the month with Wear-to-Work updates in new fall neutrals because while flowy dresses are loved almost all year, we also want to switch it up and change with the seasons, even if it's still above 85 degrees. 

Fall Design began with our best-selling categories, updated in New Colors for 2022. We started with our best-selling Jackets and Blazers layered with tees and blouses and over dresses to create a fall look that's both day and evening ready.

If you know, you know. Our Notch Neck Blazer is worth owning in more than one (maybe even two) colors. Made in our signature knit fabric, which is both elevated & chic but weekend casual. 

We also love a good Moto Blazer, and this knit version is cool enough to throw over your shoulders for a chic approach to any look.

INTRODUCING, the newest member of the Blazer Family,
The Double Breasted Blazer. A classic update to a favorite in colors that elevate.

When it comes to Fall Layering, our selection of blouses and soft knit tops are sure to take you from hotter weather into cool days, and the best update to any wardrobe is the addition of a new top in the season's best colors and prints. 

We are thrilled and excited to announce our 2nd Coming in Haute collection drop with Jenn Palpallatoc of Haute off the Rack. Launching on September 22nd, this collection is filled with updates to our most loved essentials and knits from our collaborations with Jenn. What better way to update a wardrobe than to take a favorite and make it even better?! 



Last week we launched a wear-to-work city collection with Olivia Janette of @Oliviajanette. This collection is a set of six mix-and-match pieces that will update your work to weekend wardrobe for the entire season and into spring. 


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