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Gibson 19Q's with Ruthie Ridley

08 May 2019 0 Comments

Meet Ruthie Ridley, today's featured Influencer in our upcoming International Women's Day Collection. Ruthie adores everything - her family, her friends, her career as a registered nurse and her blog which she refers to as her "creative home." The Ruthie Ridley Blog explores fashion, trends, sales and family stuff as well as spotlights her music. Ruthie was born in Jamaica, her husband in England and her three gorgeous children are first generation Americans - a fact that delights Ruthie. We are thrilled to introduce her as one of our Gibson International Women's Day collaborators. Enjoy her19Q!


    1. What makes you laugh? My kids!
    2. What era/decade of fashion is your favorite? 1970's
    3. Is there a consistent color palette that defines your life? What is the predominant color in your closet? That's a hard one! I think I just like color in general! Bright and Bold are my faves!
    4. What is your first closet favorite you ever remember owning? I remember distinct items for special occasions- like the first time I sang in front of 3,000 people and the first time I recorded a live album! A nice long print dress from Zara :)
    5. Are you married? How did you and your husband meet? Do you remember the spark moment when you knew he was the one. I married my dream guy! We met at church. My family was hanging with his family before I even met him. I knew he was the one when we hugged in a parking lot of the church we met and I felt electricity and fire works literally go through my body!
    6. What song would best describe your marriage? Your family dynamics? I will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
    7. How does music factor into your life? Literature? Art? Social dynamics? Music has always been apart of my life- both of my parents sang. I started singing in front of people doing duets in church with my mom at age 8!
    8. Is blogging your full time job or do you work somewhere else as well? Do they compliment or contrast? I am a full time Registered Nurse! Totally unrelated.
    9. What is the inspiration for your blog? What do you feel is the most important aspect of your blogging work? My main inspiriation is bloggers like Blaire E., Brittany Xavier and Sincerely Jules. These women have impeccable style and have you leaving their space inspired and excited to step outside of the box. I want my readers to feel the same way when they encounter my work.
    10. Do you have children? What is the most satisfying aspect of combining motherhood and multiple careers? (pause) What is the least? I am a mom of 3! Ava 9, Savannah 8 and Judah 7.
    11. When you were eight years old, what did you want to be? 12 Years Old? 21? What was your childhood idea of the world? Has it changed? When I was 8 I wanted to be a teacher, at 12 I was too focused on following my friends around to care. At 21 I thought I would be a worship leader in my church as well as a nurse.
    12. In one word, how would you define your fashion style at age 12? 16? 21? Today? It has always been girly with a little bit of a sparky, funky edge!
    13. Who or what had the greatest impact on you as a child? As an adult? Why? Probably my youth Pastor Arnie. He was gentle, kind, a great father figure and a great representation of who Jesus is.
    14. What was your favorite topic in school? What were your interests in college? Have they changed? My favorite topic and area of interest has always been history!! I love looking back on where we have come from and what has happened before our time.
    15. Where is your favorite place in your hometown? In the world? My favorite place in the world that I have actually visited is probably Hawaii
    16. Do you remember your first introduction to Gibson Look? I do! I was floored by the quality, comfort and chic appearance of the pieces. Hooked ever since!
    17. Describe the Gibson X International Women's Day Collaboration in 19 words or less. The Gibson IWD Collaboration is exciting, unifying, breaking down barriers, pioneering, beautiful, inclusive, PERFECT for Spring and so much more than clothing! I cannot wait for everyone to see it!
    18. What nonprofit organization have you chosen to benefit from your relationship from the Gibson X IWD Collection? The Mission Orphanage in Mexico
    19. Why were they your choice? For the past 4 years my family has gone to the orphanage to help build bathrooms, new housing and to just spend time with them and the team down there! It is life changing ever time we go. We head there in June again this year.
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