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Introducing Gibson x The Motherchic Sunshine Collection

19 Mar 2020 0 Comments

What better way to ‘spring’ into warmer weather than with an all-new collection from Gibsonlook? Answer: the brand new Sunshine Collection collaboration from Gibson and The Motherchic! We are beyond thrilled to team up with Lindsey Schuster, of The Motherchic, whose blog centers on everything from fashion to balancing life as a busy mother of four. Lindsey makes it look easy, and we feel privileged to have partnered up with her again! 

After teaming up with Lindsey for our first collaboration, we couldn't wait to work together again. Lindsey has the ability to make the creative process effortless – her easygoing demeanor helped us get through an extremely windy 48 hours on set in Sarasota, Florida (which is typically beautiful and sunny – more on that later). And in light of the current climate, we’ve gone back and forth with Nordstrom over the past five days discussing whether we should launch or hold this collection. In the end, in line with feedback from Gibsonlook and The Motherchic followers, it was determined that launching the Sunshine collection is exactly what was needed. We want to bring some much-needed sunshine into your life.

We knew we wanted this collection to stem from Lindsey’s personal, easygoing style by featuring flowy skirts and dresses. The collection as a whole pulls from a breezy coastal pallet, with coordinating details and textures that make for easy mixing and matching. And as always, it’s 100% size-inclusive. We will always put versatility, quality, and confidence at the top of our list. 

For the nine styles (with varying colors and patterns), The Motherchic Sunshine collection was inspired by the spring-to-summer transformation that naturally occurs. We found inspiration from beach locations Lindsey loves. In fact, we went as far as to name each piece after beach destinations. There are items named 'Newport' and 'Laguna', plus Lindsey and her team chose collection piece names. 

Summertime is highly anticipated throughout the cold winter months, so we wanted to mimic this feeling throughout our collection. It's the idea that after a harsh winter, you finally get to shed some layers and bask in the sun for the first time in what feels like forever.

Beautiful tan woman in a coral romper sitting down on a beach towel on the beach staring out into the ocean

The Sunshine Collection models both Gibsonlook and Lindsey to a T – personalities and styles alike. We pulled from popular print trends like terrazzo, boardwalk stripe, and hand-painted patterns to whisk you away to the shoreline. We highlighted our signature ruffles, smocking, directional stripes, and button-downs. And the textures range from gauzy crinkle to swiss dot, all with an airy flow. This collection will make you even happier packing up those bulky sweaters and coats. 

As we mentioned, we had the chance to travel to sunny Sarasota, Florida – only we happened to be there for what may have been the windiest 48 hours of the entire winter season! But with Lindsey’s go-with-the-flow attitude, an incredible team, and calm photographer… everything came together. 

Beautiful tan woman on a dock over the ocean holding floral dress down in the wind

Shooting the collection brings the pieces to life – especially with Lindsey! Working with her reminds us why collaborations are our favorite part of what we do. From the very first planning session to the photoshoot, Lindsey gave her input every step of the way. Now, we’re left with a beautiful collection that screams ‘Spring’, and we can’t wait to share it with you! 

Collection launching exclusively on, THURSDAY MARCH 19! Oh, and did we mention we’re doing a GIVEAWAY?! Check it out for more info on your chance to win! 

Look good, feel good with #Gibsonlook 

*This post was written prior to the major developments of our current situation regarding COVID-19. We thank all of our followers for the support this collection has seen since launching. Navigating the launch of a collection with our partners at Nordstrom and The Motherchic was an interesting experience and we were glad to offer 25% off all items during launch week. We hope this Sunshine Collection was a ray of sunshine during this difficult times (if you haven’t seen Lindsey’s at home try on with all four of her boys joining her, it is worth watching). Thank you again for your ongoing support regarding this Gibson x The Motherchic launch and we look forward to sunnier days ahead!* 

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