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Exciting Things to Come

17 Feb 2021 0 Comments

Exciting Things to Come: 

Before we dive into what's coming next, we want to thank you, our loyal customers, we could not have done it last year without the support of those we have the pleasure of working with and every customer who showed up to support our brand. Up until last March, we were almost exclusively a brand sold at other retail companies. The circumstances of COVID pushed us toward our dream faster than planned, and we pivoted to our online store. We made it through the ups and downs of the unknowns, and we are excited for what is ahead.

Community Focused: 

With community and collaboration at the heart of our brand, we will continue to collaborate, and we're excited to bring you more from fellow female-founded brands and Influencers. Simply put, we love creating things together, so stay tuned for some extraordinary collaborations to come. 

We are also passionate about aligning with women organizations to further education and each year we give out scholarships and offer internships to support the growth of education. We are eager to share more about our company with you, more about our history and founders and the people who make up our company family. 


You asked, and we want to deliver:

We are passionate about your experience with us and continuously strive to improve on that. We want to make shopping and style more effortless. 

Thanks to those of you who send us feedback and do reviews; we take your comments seriously. One request we continue to see is additional payment options and as of March 1st, we will be offering an installment pay option. We will continue to send you surveys and ask you what we can do better, and we are open to your suggestions. Send any ideas you have to, and we will consciously work toward meeting your needs. 



Exciting NEW ARRIVALS will be happening every month, including some PAST FAVORITES we've been getting requests for. We know you'll love the new details, colors, and prints that update your favorites. 

The beginning of March is marked by International Women's Day. This is the third year we have collaborated with remarkable teams of women to celebrate and recognize the day. We love launching this collection and look forward to introducing the inspirational women involved this year. We will begin sharing more about the team involved in this collaboration and the process toward the end of February. Stay tuned...

Additionally, we are collaborating with some of your (and our) favorite influencers for the entire Spring season and we are excited to share all that's in store. 



FIRST LOOK; A Look Inside our Creative Process:  

Our talented team spends time researching and scanning what is happening, what's coming next, what will excite our customers; we collect these ideas, create monthly Mood Boards, and give each collection themed names. The mood boards include things like, what we're reading, watching, listening to, or maybe what we want to make for the month and where we want to travel (hopefully soon!!) or what events we're looking forward to. We like to create in terms of occasions, and this process ends up being the things we are passionate about and enjoy. So, we decided to start sharing this monthly. Keep an eye out or subscribe here for the first edition of FIRST LOOK.

From here, all that's left is to say is thank you, stay tuned, and we hope our brand becomes something you enjoy and look forward to.  



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