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Collab Sessions: International Women's Day 2021

03 Mar 2021 1 comment

It's here! Do you have those moments when photos from a year ago come up on your phone, and you can't believe it's been a year? This is especially true for this week and International Women's Day. One year ago, we were in Seattle celebrating a drop with a group of ten; that trip was the last collection drop we got together for as a group, and countless things have happened since. International Women's Day and March 8th have marked important events for our brand for three years and motivate our continued support of this day.

Our first x collaboration dropped on International Women's Day, 2018; we launched at the Downtown Chicago Nordstrom store with a now good friend, Erin Schrader of Living In Yellow. The 2018 messaging centered around taking action to empower other women. 

From that moment forward, we took a group approach to IWD, lift others to be lifted, celebrate women's success as entrepreneurs. Listen to others and work together. Every year, we're reminded of just how inspirational it is to see women uplifting other women and the optimism and power of those relationships. 

As we go forward, we are committed this year to many things, including collaborating and learning from a broader collective to open and create new possibilities. We're excited to build into the things we believe in and still have work to do, and we're here for it, and committed.   

We are thrilled to share the women we are launching with this year, and while we weren't able to get together and celebrate, the experience and inspiration in working as a collective team is always the highlight.

The group of women involved for IWD2021 is Passionate, Accomplished, Vulnerable, Dedicated, Thoughtful, Optimistic, and Innovative. We proudly share a small look into their stories but visit their blogs for more.

Our team of designers were inspired by the relationship between women and the earth. We draw strength, gather our circles, use the gifts of nature and our skills to create safe environments for our loved ones. This translated into thoughtful earth tones streaked with optimistic, forward-looking brights and silhouettes that are comforting, familiar, but contain details that we hope bring you confidence, surprise, and inspire you. They gave us inspiring books and powerful music. 


This year, we gather to celebrate those who model empathy and empower others, and we mark this day by celebrating the collective energy of these seven Influencers and their commitment to telling their stories and making their audience's lives more joyful.

We hope you enjoy this approach to empowerment and celebration, and we are incredibly grateful to you, our community, for supporting these collections and women. You are the reason this is successful. 

Donations from the collection will be made to the following organizations: Dress for Success, The Rape Foundation, and Women's Scholarship Funds.

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1 comment

30 Mar 2021 Grace
Fun to see this collection! This is one of my favorites. So happy you brought it back

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