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February First Look: Love, Vaca State of Mind and an Elevated Workwear Refresh

06 Feb 2024 0 Comments

February First Look: An Elevated Workwear Refresh and Vaca State of Mind

As we welcome the charming energy of February, we're excited to share our February First Look! This season, our hearts are filled with affection for one of our most loved color palettes; from the softest pinky peach to passionate red, we adore these colors gracing our early spring collections. Perfect for Valentine's Day ensembles and easy enough to wear all throughout the Spring season. 


Get Ready for an Elevated Workwear Refresh! 

Your work attire deserves an elevated start this year! Immerse yourself in our latest collection, meticulously crafted to elevate your daily workwear with a touch of spring newness. Begin with our original Notch Neck BlazerMoto Jacket, or Double Breasted Blazer, and pair them with our best-selling versatile Decked Out Day Dress, or create a look of inspired sophistication with Dressed Up Denim or our Ponte Knit Cargo or Wide-Leg Pant or Stretch Twill Trouser. Layer with our Best-Selling Novelty Blouses and Favorites Tee; our core items are curated pieces that seamlessly blend elegance with everyday effortless ease. Let's transform every workday into a runway of admiration and style!


Mood and Trend Alert: All Day ''Vaca'' State of Mind

Envision a daily life infused with the warmth and yearning of a perpetual vacation. With our Open Knit Lightweight Sweaters, this becomes a welcomed reality. Embrace the ''All Day Vaca'' trend with our light crochet knitwear, designed to infuse a sense of leisure into everyday. These pieces will also become your ideal airport ensemble balancing luxury and practicality for every journey. 

Our travel experience, especially the frequent one-two day trips from our Utah Office to our offices in LA, have taught us the art of minimalist yet luxurious packing and these styles round out the essential travel wardrobe! Cozy and chic! 

Join us this month as we ramp up the Spring Season with so many new arrivals and exciting announcements. We ADORE spring and February is the beloved month where it all begins. 


With Love, 

-- Gibsonlook 





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