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First Look: February

31 Jan 2022 0 Comments
Gibsonlook makes fashion for versatility. From effortless wardrobe essentials to innovative, exclusive brand collections; this brand philosophy remains the same as when we launched in 2012.

For 2022, we'll communicate more about our brand values and why we approach our business the way we do, we'll share our plans regarding sustainability and fair trade. We'll introduce our team and our approach to supporting our community and show you the Gibsonlook design and creative process and how we use the expertise and talents of our team to collaborate with influencers and brands you love. 

Every piece is designed in-house at our Los Angeles design office. Our designers present us with ideas that compel us to offer unique designs, fabrics, and special prints and colors while continually offering the Gibsonlook quality were known for.

This month we look into the exclusivity of our unique collection of prints. Which means you won't see them anywhere else. We develop our unique patterns and ensure the colors are versatile between our past and current collections and our layers match favorite items you may already have. Our design team carefully layers colors to create exciting and individual print options. This process allows our collections to be unique yet versatile. We love creating! And that includes taking trends, simplifying them and making them accessible to our customers. Thank you for being here and allowing us to do what we love!! 


What we'll be reading: a little love, a little romance and some good self-love vibes! 


What we'll be listening to: Music to set the mood. 

From us to you with love! 



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