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First Look: June

01 Jun 2021 0 Comments

June has arrived, and this June has us fantasizing about every RE word we can think of. RE as a prefix means "returning to a previous state" and this Summer feels like the right time to revive all pleasant past moments and RE our daily routine. 

We have so many cute collections dropping and fun and exciting events planned around them and are excited to help you get in the right mindset for summer. 
Follow this link or text gibsonlook to 31996 to be entered into our weekly drawing for a $250.00 gift certificate to our site. Winners will be announced and emailed weekly throughout the month of June.
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RENEW: In May, we joined Haute Off The Rack influencer Jenn Palpallatoc Perrault in LA for a collection design meeting (more to come later on this!!). While in LA, had the opportunity to hit the beach for an impromptu photoshoot of our Summer at the Beach Collection. The feeling of sand in our toes, sunshine on our shoulders, and gathering for the first design meeting in over a year gave us a deep sense of renewal and set us on a forward path for so many fun things to come.  

 What better way to rekindle the ease of summer nights than to throw hues of blue, orange, yellow, and pink all matching the sunsets of the season. Romance Restored with our Romantic Summer Nights Collection. Watch for this collection dropping this June 4th, 2021. 

RESET: Celebrate Togetherness: Fun Summer Sets that set the tone for being together. Do you prefer to mix and match or perfect pairs? We'll show you how to wear and re-wear the trend of the season. Ready, Set. Match. 

RELAX: Long Summer Days are for Relaxing, so the simplicity of getting dressed and having every item be as versatile as possible is a must! There is nothing better than going from one look to another without trying too hard but still being ready for anything. We can't wait to share this collection, but for now, it's a secret, so stay tuned: Hint: Sugar Shack.

 Favorite items on Repeat! which means all your favorites and more back in stock and reimagined in new colors and styles. Our most popular and requested items back for round two (and three). Stay tuned every week for reorder drops happening the entire month of JUNE. 

REVIVE: It's been a moment since we dropped new items from the team at Living In Yellow, but we have a fun capsule dropping, and we know you'll love seeing these items that will revive you at the moment, Reset and Retreat or Reboot and Revive to your favorite summer spot. We all still need quiet moments to ourselves, after all.

RECONNECT: We are all looking forward to reconnecting in new ways and spending this Summer with friends and family doing all the things we love, and we can't wait to connect with you throughout the Summer. Share your moments with us using #gibsonlook, and together, let's celebrate all things Summer 2021!  

And of course, here are some summer tunes to inspire you and books to pass the time shared by our fantastic team here at Gibsonlook.


xo Gibsonlook 

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