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Introducing the Gibson x Glam Collection Launch

12 Nov 2019 0 Comments

The climax of the year is the holiday season. Everything builds up to this exciting, inspiring, glamorous time. Fittingly, the peak of this year's releases is launching today:  The Gibson x Glam collection!

Our Gibson x Glam collection is tremendously special because it's an anniversary collaboration! This is the very first multi-influencer reoccurring collection for Gibson.

Here are the nine women reprising their roles in the Gibson x Glam collaboration:

Gibson x GLAM Collection photoshoot

The long-awaited Gibson x Glam is here, back for its second year! But first, we want to step back into behind the scenes moments to give you an exclusive look into this powerful collaboration:  we gathered for a photoshoot and celebratory dinner at a stunning mountain lodge in Park City, Utah...

Gibson x Glam group photo in the mountains

The air is chilled, the ground covered in fresh snow, the charming streets lined with Christmas lights and ribbons. Nine incredible collaborators pull up to a breathtaking mountain home, one by one--all warm in Gibson cozies. The entrance is warm and brightly lit, beautifully decorated in garlands, glass, and glowing candles. The location has a divine backdrop:  the white, misty peaks of Park City that snugly cradle the mountain home. 

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