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08 May 2019 0 Comments

Every day should be an international tribute to women. We are the world, as well as our daughters, and our sons. Maybe 2019 is the time to guide and mentor everyone, to encourage all humanity to pursue their passions, to create supportive communities, and to give back to future generations what we have to offer. Suzie Turner, co-founder of Stylebuy - the parent company of Gibson Look, Harlowe & Graham and Olivia Moon - has been a part of the fashion industry her entire career. She and the company have been mentored by the best and the brightest and in return mentor others. 

“I will always be grateful to the women I aspire to be - the ones who supported me, the ones who were brave for me and the ones who encouraged me to be brave, creative and bold. I was raised by a strong, courageous woman and my grandmother, who is the namesake for the Gibson brand, always told me I could do anything I wanted.” Suzie Turner

Lindsey Schuster, the creative soul and heart of The Motherchicalso contributes her relationships with her grandmothers as a powerful influence on her inquisitive mind and her highly developed social skills. 

“My grandmothers both taught me some of the most important lessons in life. My maternal grandmother has shown me that what really matters is connecting with people. She never misses a beat, loves people and learning about their life. My paternal grandmother was amazingly independent. If she didn’t understand something, she would research it and find the resources she needed to fully understand the matter at hand so she could make her own educated decisions. I like to think that I carry a piece of both of them inside me.” Lindsey Schuster

One year ago this month, Gibson Look launched its first collaboration and for the past year we've had the opportunity to celebrate a community of women who inspire us through their tenacity, determination and creative savvy. Last week we launched a collection to celebrate International Women's Day with nine unique, dynamic, unbiased empowering women.
We will forever be grateful to the Gibson IWD influencers and for all others before. Gibson Look is forever changed!
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