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Gibson X Hi Sugarplum - Where it all Began

07 Jun 2019 0 Comments
The first conversation went something like this.
“Hey Cassie, this is Suzie from Gibsonlook."
"Oh hi Suzie! I’m in the car, can I call you right back."
And so it began! Working with Cassie came as a suggestion from the buyer we work with at Nordstrom on the heels of our first collaboration launch. One call, two full scale collection launches, and a group collection later we are now just a few hours into our THIRD Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Collection launch - not to mention, my favorite to date.
Cassie has become a friend, a valuable colleague and a creative inspiration. We initially began collaborating to reach customers on a more personal level, we continue because of the experiences, friendships and of course, the shared passion for these capsule collections that celebrate seasons and the occasions that come with them. 
The Color of Summer Collection, which launched today at, is a combination of the best of the past.  Vibrant colors, festive patterns, and a fun new twist of mixing and matching. We love the sets trend and hope that array of options push you to try it while giving you the versatility to wear the pieces with your favorite wardrobe staples. 
Keep scrolling for stroll down memory lane and a recap of our past collections:
We know it’s all about the pink! RESTOCKS are available in some of our favorites from this spring's Resort Collection—perfect for summer vacations!
Should we repeat an even more stunning Glam collection this season?! We love to celebrate the seasons and we love the HOLIDAYS!! 
In retrospect, from the first collection launch (announcement seen above) of Gibson x Hi Sugarplum to the Gibson x Glam Holiday Collection, to the Resort Collection, to this Summer of Color Launch, our travels with Cassie have been fast and fabulous.
We are excited for todays’ collection. It's been a wonderful journey, thank you to everyone who has followed along from the beginning - and to anyone new, welcome! 
Suzie Turner 
Gibsonlook Founder

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