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The Gibson Hot Summer Nights Collection!

21 Jun 2019 0 Comments
 “…when it's so hot outside and you're rushing and you just have to wear almost nothing and then as you run down the cobblestone streets in your Manolos to meet Miranda and Charlotte and Samantha.”
Megan Powell, Gibson Collaboration Designer, on initial inspiration for the Gibson Hot Summer Nights collection 
The Hot Summer Nights Collection is made of nineteen high-summer pieces that bring style and versatility to your dog-days of summer. From breakfast to brunch, from backyard parties to wine with friends, from magic hour to concert nights… Introducing the Hot Summer Nights collection!
We shot the collection in five smaller color stories within the greater collection to display how well certain items mix and match. Families of color and texture were created to fit different occasions, days, and personalities. You will quickly find that the skirts, dresses, tops and rompers transition gracefully where ever your wanders take you and whatever your color pallet may be.
A peak at the Better Than Brunch looks are built from the fuchsias and reds in this collection, they wake you up faster than a cup of coffee and will have you ready for brunch and beyond - stay tuned for our blog post featuring the rest of the pieces and groups next week. (To receive early access click here!)
Influencer collaborations are now a part of Gibsonlook’s history - we refer to our collaborations as Influencer driven but we know them as our friends and work together to bring our collections to life. This month we have teamed up with five influencers to curate this fun summer collection. In true Gibsonlook form these upcoming pieces are built on versatility and occasions, inspired by both our signature style and the influencer’s creativity, energy, community and consumer connection. These women breathe life into the designs and bring so much to the table - we want you to get to know them as well as we have! 
We first collaborated with Roselyn Weaver (of the Roselyn Weaver blog) for The Gibson International Woman’s Day Collection! Besides being highly organized and efficient she is kind, extremely photogenic, confident and listens, truly listens, when others speak. It is apparent she loves her family and we are so glad she showed us the background to her phone - the cutest picture of her little boy! Working with Roselyn is perfection and we are excited to see the heights at which she develops as a full time lifestyle & fashion blogger, influencer and collaborator. 
Amanda West is the personality behind the Almost Ready Blog; she is mindful of her followers and considerate of what she has to offer them with her easy but stylish approach to fashion. She is naturally beautiful inside and out, that comes across in her blog and was apparent to us in our first time getting to work together. She knows what she loves, is easy to work with, and we enjoyed hearing her thoughts and views from her time and experience in the blogging industry. She styles the collection in a casual cool way and we can’t wait to share her looks with all of you! 
Two Peas In a Prada are longtime best friends who will have you longing for a girls trip with your bestie after being with them for five minutes! They know how to have fun and make each other (and everyone around them) laugh. They think deeply and discus everything from motherhood to movements in the blogging industry. Their followers can sense their genuine closeness and we loved getting to enjoy it first hand. Ashley (left) just had a beautiful wedding (congratulations!) and still lives in the bay area where both her and Emily grew up. Emily (right) has since moved to Reno with her husband and three littles. They know their style and followers in an unbelievable way; they are curious and informed. One of our favorite moments from our time with them? Hearing Emily recall her first Gibson purchase from over five years ago (but that’s a story for another time). 
Natalie Kennedy is never not smiling - and it’s infectious. Natalie grew up in Nashville and lives with a genuine southern kindness. She sees good in others and brings the bright colors of the collection to life. She doesn’t take life too seriously and created fun moments throughout the week together. She is talented and hardworking with an eye for fashion. She creates a warm atmosphere for those around her and brings a unifying force to whatever group she is apart of. 
The Gibson Hot Summer Nights Collection is the best of what happens when a strong, defined brand collaborates with an empowered influencer community to create versatile, beautiful and fun clothing. We cannot wait to share the entire collection with all of you - including all five families of color that mix and match within themselves and without. The brilliant colors, styles and prints create solutions perfect for every summer event!
Welcome to #GibsonHotSummerNights, launching June 27th at 
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