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First Look: November

04 Nov 2021 0 Comments

With November being the official start of the "holiday season," we can't wait to start shopping for events and gifts for others. We have so many exciting collection drops and special value days happening, so remember to subscribe here to ensure you don't miss an announcement. 

A few of our favorite things...

I've had a strict rule for most of my life—NO HOLIDAY MUSIC OR MOVIES UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVING. BUT, I recently realized that's not realistic, and I cheat in numerous ways! haha. We start designing and creating our holiday collections in June, and we might sneak in some Dean Martin and Elf around that time. Our holiday collections begin launching in October, so our photoshoots have happened, and yes, we may have been rockin' around the Christmas tree...resist no more!!! 

So from us to you, here's the gift of a fun Holiday Music Playlist and our favorite movies for the season. It doesn't dive right into Holly Jolly, but it has a theme perfect for all the quickly approaching Holiday Occasions!


Now that you're with us and in the holiday mood. We're going to share all our exciting launches. The first (of three) Gibsonlook holiday collection launched in October, we aptly called it Season of Cheer!, and it was designed in collaboration with longtime collaborator and friend Cassie Freeman. Cassie brought together a group of teachers to celebrate the immense contribution teachers make to our lives and honor them and their impact. This was a genuine moment of holiday cheer and the Cheers to Teachers! celebration kicked off the season of giving beautifully. Check out the delightful collection here. The teacher shoot was a tremendous success and a beautiful celebration of teachers everywhere. Thank you to the teachers involved and Cassie for making such an incredible event happen.

(Read the Cheers to Teachers! post by Cassie Freemen here)


Our second Holiday collection is the answer to colder mornings, long nights, and getting cozy in the softest things we can get our hands-on. The holidays can be (actually they are!) stressful, and there is nothing like feeling cozy luxe in our homes after long busy days. Plus, it's hard to be stressed when you're all wrapped up in SILK and COZY.


The rest of the month and the events that follow come at us fast. Our goal for the season was to think through outfits for all of these events and gifts for your friends and family. We hope you'll find the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving Dinner, family parties, home entertaining, holiday shopping, nostalgic drives to see the lights, intimate dinners at home with friends, crazy work parties, and dinner dates.

Check out our new arrivals here. 



And keep an eye out for (subscribe here) our fourth annual Holiday Gibsonlook x GLAM Collection launching on November 10th!! This collection holds a special place in the season. Four years ago, we began collaborating with a group of 7-9 women for the Holidays; we designed each piece together, fulfilled wishes and dreams, and created the most beautiful holiday collection. The collection is beyond our wishes this year, and we can't wait to share it with you. Subscribe here for early access and behind-the-scenes posts of our process and photoshoots for our 2021 Gibsonlook x GLAM Collection in collaboration with faces we know you'll know. 


Giving and celebrating those who bring light to the world and getting together with friends, family, and loved ones is what makes the season. We hope you know how much we love having you here and wish you a beautiful season of joy!


Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Joyous Holiday Season! 



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