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How It's Going: Hi Sugarplum

17 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Cheers, All...

WE THINK IT'S GOING QUITE WELL. We are beyond excited to share the announcement of our 10th Collection in Collaboration with Cassie Freeman.  


Our history and ongoing collaborations with Cassie of Hi Sugarplum  (read our history here) are more than just the launch. These collections are carefully planned, designed, and coordinated to inspire and entice our customers. Our working relationship has grown each year. While our collections are fundamental to our partnership, Cassie is a friend, and our respect for her and her vision and our combined love of creating together is what makes each piece unique. Our designers enjoy planning and creating these collections with Cassie, and the passion everyone brings to the process shows in the final outcome. It's always a celebratory moment of accomplishment and joy when the ideas and vision come together to create something we can't wait to share with you. This collection is no exception to that!!  

Gibsonlook x Hi Sugarplum Mood board Holiday 2021 


The Holiday Season is a favorite time of year for many. As we designed the collection, we were inspired to find moments of cheer, moments of joy, and a season full of celebrations. Cassie loves her pieces to be versatile for all of those moments, and we love how the entire collection came together to accomplish that. There are pieces for many different occasions; every item is designed to be worn for those dressed up events and the casual in-between days. We can't wait to share the collection, so make sure you're subscribed here for exclusive access. 


With Hi Sugarplum collections, just as we are about to launch a collection, we are also in design mode for the next. This is always a moment we reflect on how far we've come, what we've learned, and what we want to accomplish. One thing that always comes up is how grateful we are to all the collection fans who continuously support, share valuable feedback, and join the events that lead-up to our collection launches. It is our fans and customers who make these collections a success.


We look forward to seeing you on launch day for the Season of Cheer Holiday Collection 2021.



Suzie Turner 


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