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First Look: October

30 Sep 2021 0 Comments


She’s ambitious, thoughtful, compassionate, and friendly. And she’s effortlessly chic.  

But the real story is this: In 1923, an all-girls Jazz band made up of sisters and friends traveled the country playing the Pantages and Vaudeville Circuit; they were young but fiercely protective of each other. 



The band director and saxophone player was a remarkable young woman with sparkling eyes, a stylish black bob, a confident approach to life, a playful sense of humor, and a love of jazz. This woman was my Grandmother, and the band was called The Gibsons Navigators, made up of sisters and friends. Her love of music and fashionable 1920s dresses and menswear suits were accessories to their stage presence. In later years, these ensembles and dresses became childhood dress-ups, and my cousins and I would put them on and perform non-stop while Grandma played the piano for us. Her music and enthusiasm became a part of all of our stories. 



In the early stages of starting the Gibson brand, we milled over many names. At the time, I was taking care of my grandma, who was approaching 100 years old. One day she was playing the piano and teaching my 2 yr old daughter to sing a ticket-a-tasket, and the influence she had on generations of strong, determined women hit me; OF COURSE, we’ll call it Gibson. The Look, however, added the element we now use as our guide. We all have Grandma within us, and finding our own Look is the piece that can seem challenging given the many, many options we see when shopping or browsing social media. We aspire Gibsonlook be a place you come to find your Look. We are determined to represent all women. We continually aim to be inclusive, diverse, and versatile; we work with your favorite fashion social media influencers and bloggers to bring their Look to life--which we see as a direct reflection of your Look. 


This month, we are thrilled to launch our new Gibsonlook essentials line called GIGI by Gibsonlook, inspired by my Grandmother and imagined and designed by the talented women in my family and at Gibsonlook. This collection will evolve with us, and we will continue to add favorite modern essentials for effortless versatile dressing. See more here.


Thank you for reading our story and shopping with us.  
We’d love to help you #findyourlook.  

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Suzie Turner 


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