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23 Sep 2021 0 Comments


Transitional looks reign supreme this time of year, and while that's a fashion playground for mixing and matching various pieces from every season, it also poses that old feeling of whether or not it all looks good together. 

We recommend your LAYERED LOOK include two or three layers, with four being a maximum.


First Layer: The thinnest = Dresses, Jumpsuits, Soft Knit tees, T-shirts or Bodysuits, Blouses, and Loungewear. Dresses and Tees become Fall Essentials, and we have a few we think you'll love. These pieces play perfectly with a blazer or cardigan thrown over your shoulders. Not to mention that once it does get chilly, all these items are easily layered with coats and boots! 


Second Layer: Pieces to wear opened up or tied around the waist. A Blouse or Light Weight Cardigan, or a Shirtdress now worn open. We rounded up our favorite second-layer fall essentials to prove just how easy it is to layer your LOOK. 


Third Layer: The structure. Blazer, Trench Coats, and Cardigans. Once a little cold weather heads into our mornings and evenings, all our favorite pieces look effortlessly styled with our Soft Knit Notch Collar Blazer is thrown over them. This item also works with a matching sweatsuit and remains a no-fail LOOK for those days when you need to feel put together on the fly. You know, zoom calls, meetings, and dinner with family and friends...


*Stay tuned for new Third Layers we know you'll love headed to the site this month. SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR EARLY ACCESS.


No matter what LOOK you're going for this fall, the key to building a versatile cold-weather wardrobe starts with pieces that offer what fickle temps demand: layers, layers, and more layers. So go ahead and layer your #gibsonlook.  




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