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Pink Pink Pink!

13 Mar 2021 1 comment

Someone once said; If you love to wear PINK, it's because all you want in life is to give and receive unconditional love. That can't be bad. 

The love affair with PINK isn't just within the fashion world; one of our best-selling colors year after year and in every collection is PINK. And that means you love pink, and with good reason!! Typically associated with girlishness and femininity (even though historically it was ubiquitously worn by boys), Pink represents strong femininity and is a color that naturally has a girliness and playfulness about it and a strong sense of confidence. 

In 2016, Pantone named 'Rose Quartz' its color of the year, and since then, Pink has shown no signs of disappearing.  Inspired by the Pink buildings and walls, spring-blooming pink peppercorn trees, and vibrant sunsets, this season's hues have a vintage appeal, with a fresh, optimistic outlook, ready to meet up with friends and neighbors and putting our best (pink pedicured) toes forward.

In our quest to get into the spirit of Spring 2021, we kick it off with pretty pink blouses and tees and pretty florals with hints of pink, coral, fuchsia, and pink lavenders.

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...if you need further inspiration, pink pairs beautifully earth tones and are beautiful when worn with both bright and pale pink, and if you want to mix bold colors, bubblegum pink with red is a fun combination. Feeling more serene, Pink with white or cream offset each other, and all tones pair perfectly with denim, and paler pinks add color to neutrals.


....OR if you need something fun to tell family and friends and your favorite color is PINK, it is said: 

  • You have an easygoing, approachable energy
  • You are witty and intelligent
  • You sparkle socially
  • You genuinely revel in the success and happiness of others
  • You are compassionate
  • The saying about seeing life through rose-colored glasses sums up your pink perspective
  • Peace, harmony, and calmness are essential to your daily routine.
  • You embrace all the fun life has to offer

So go ahead and live your LOOK in shades of PINKS. 


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1 comment

30 Mar 2021 Alissa

Love, Love, Love Pink, Pink, Pink. The femme sweatshirt is fun. Bring in more colors

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