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Reflecting With the Motherchic

07 May 2020 0 Comments

Beautiful mother wearing grey jumpsuit looking back at her son as they go for a joint bicycle ride

Think back (if you can) to one year ago; for us, it was the start of a relationship that blossomed into a friendship and connection with Lindsey Schuster of The Motherchic blog, alongside those of you who follow her. (If you’re new to Gibsonlook, you can check out our collaborations with Lindsey here.) We adore Lindsey. Our connection to her started with May collections, grew as she was a part of our Gibson x Glam collaboration, and as luck would have it, we are celebrating motherhood and inspiring women on the anniversary of that very first collection by featuring some of Lindsey’s current Gibsonlook favorites

Oh, and did we mention we’re bringing the Avalon Dress back in all new prints? Yep, you’re welcome. Mixing comfort and style, this best seller is a perfect staple for your summer wardrobe.

Beautiful, smiling woman in a blue and white striped dress sitting on a rope swing in her backyard

Highlighting Lindsey’s Favorites with Mother’s Day in Mind 

As a super mom of four boys, Lindsey kept the daily stresses and joys of motherhood at the forefront of her mind when choosing her favorite Gibsonlook pieces. Lindsey curated her favorite items available on Gibsonlook that celebrate mothers – it seemed perfect when we launched our first collection with Lindsey and is fitting now. With all of us pulling double duty as mothers, teachers, nurses, full-time chefs, and more, we figured it’s appropriate to bring back a few favorites from that collection in honor of amazing, hardworking women everywhere – especially in time for Mother’s Day. 

Beautiful mother laughing with her smiling son on a picnic table in her backyard

And yes, we’re talking favorites made from our signature soft fabrics that are versatile and comfortable, but transitional for the warm summer months and activities ahead. Whether you have kids or not, Lindsey’s picks meet all the requirements (i.e. baby-bump friendly, nursing friendly, date night appropriate, on-the-go, etc.)

Quality + Versatility 

Beautiful woman in casual loungewear smiling on her back patio outsideNot only are Lindsey’s favorite Gibsonlook styles comfortable and versatile, but they are sustainable and designed to last. Whether you are busier than ever or expanding your self-care routines (it’s safe to say we could all use a little self-care at the moment), these items transition nicely from casual loungewear to the occasional let’s-get-(somewhat)-dressed-up-tonight for dinner at home, and who doesn’t love feeling put together, all while staying cozy? (Speaking of dinner, spice up your weeknight meals with this fun recipe from Lindsey’s blog.) 

On that note, we thought we’d share some additional favorite self-care ideas for all you mothers out there – whether you’re a mother of your children, a motherly figure to others, a daughter, a sister, etc. We know a little self-love and care goes a long way, especially in these trying times. 

Self-Care Ideas for… 

New Mamas:

For those restless nights with the new baby, treat puffiness or dark under-eye circles with our favorite under-eye gel patches.

While baby naps, take time for yourself with these bath salts, specifically made for mamas! Formulated with Dead Sea salt + other enriching minerals and ingredients, these bath salts help de-stress and relax the body. Yes, please. 

Pregnancy Transition

Whether you’re pregnant or just trying to survive quarantine, everyone deserves a little bit of chocolate. And if you are pregnant, chocolate is your right. We love these clean dark chocolate bars made with ingredients you can actually read and understand, while designed to curb your sugar cravings! Plus, the woman who created these yummy treats started her business after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Support inspiring women! 

We’re also loving this body shea butter meant to moisturize and rejuvenate stretch mark prone skin. This is great for your cute baby bump, OR for post pregnancy skin! 

Everyday Life

Life is busy – whether you’re managing a household full of kids or not. That’s why we love this quick lip mask! Technically, you put it on before sleep, but you can also use it as a normal lip balm throughout the day to give lips a bright, supple boost. 

Like we said, playing mom and full-time chef can be exhausting. So, why not make mealtime a little more enjoyable? We have loved Volume 1 and Volume 2 of these gorgeous cookbooks! If you’re anything like us, just flipping through these stunning food photos will make you happy. Plus, they double as chic coffee table books. It’s all about versatility, right?

Your Mother (or Yourself) 

If you’re wanting to treat your mother (or yourself, because let’s be honest, you deserve this too), we have loved this skin rejuvenation kit that works wonders for dark spots or dull skin. 

You can also never go wrong with a classic candle, but we’re not just talking about the one you pick up at the end of a grocery store run. If you’ve already tried this popular scent, you know what we’re talking about when we say this candle is life-changing. 

And of course, give your mother the gift of cozy with our signature cozies. Enjoying a lip mask, chocolate, or candle is always better when you’re dressed for the occasion.

 Beautiful woman in grey loungewear standing outside with her hands in her pockets

Happy Mother’s Day! And Happy Motherchic Favorites – shop them all HERE.

Love, Gibsonlook

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