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02 - Why We Collaborate

20 Mar 2019 0 Comments
"I have worked in the fashion industry my entire career and this connection to the customer through social media and influencers is more intimate than anything I've experienced since my early days of being a salesperson at Nordstrom.” Suzie Turner

In 2016, Gibson Look started an informal relationship with a few Lifestyle and Fashion bloggers. We were curious about the phenomenon. As we observed a connection between the relationships and our sales, we began to gather data. Quickly some of our partnerships became collaborative rather than purely promotional. We realized the Influencers were doing far more than promoting, they were inspiring. 

For our first few collaborations, we chose Influencers who were already associated with our brand and therefore our partnership had an authentic voice to their loyal readers. During one of our early conversations with Erin Schrader of Living In Yellow, it became apparent we would collaborate. Our mindset and ideas were collective. Going forward would be an unknown but we both share a need to be creative and constantly engaging with new ideas. Together, we took a chance. This process of building a two-way relationship between Gibson and Influencer, Influencer and follower was powerful. We launched our first collaboration, Gibson x Living In Yellow in March of 2018. This first Launch will forever be a highlight! We released the collection at the Michigan Avenue Nordstrom store with hundreds of supportive Living in Yellow followers. Erin's warm personality and the loyalty of herLiving In Yellow audience combined with the style and quality of Gibson and the support of Nordstrom all played a crucial part in the success of this collaborative process. 

Ten Weeks after our initial collaborations with Erin, we launched a fun summer collection with Cassie Freeman. Gibson x Hi Sugarplum was released at the end of May. Every Influencer and every collection is reflective of both brand and personality. Working with Gibson x HiSugarplum and watching Cassie apply her unique style and eye for design was again an incredible synergy. The Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Collection solidified our ambition and commitment to forge on. By years end, we had launched a Fall Gibson x Living In Yellow Collection as well as The Gibson x Glam Collection for the holiday season. Next week we are releasing our second collection with Cassie, the Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Resort. Our influencer network has expanded with each launch presenting unexpected friendships and unforeseen opportunities. Today our collaborations evolve through a myriad of ways, each one different in origin. Sometimes they begin with an idea or concept, other times a request or a suggestion from our store buyers.

This collaboration process has become a personal passion. What was initially exciting and novel is now a constant source of creative energy, inspiration, and expansion. This fusion of fashion, retail and technology - this spark which initiates brand with influencer - is a catalyst for connection beyond my imagination. I am thrilled to be a part of the fashion and influencer world in 2019 and excited to roll out our plans with you as they evolve! Again, what an honor to be engaged with all of you.

Stay tuned and stay warm,

Gibson Look 

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