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03 - Behind the Scenes of Gibson x Hi Sugarplum!

20 Mar 2019 0 Comments
A Look Behind the Scenes of the Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Resort Collection Photoshoot in Palm Springs with Anne Wilcox, Gibson Brand Stylist:

The air feels warm and not too dry. The sun just set and I can't wait to see what my surroundings look like in the morning. I walk down a pathway at La Serena Villas in Palm Springs to Cassie’s room in the quiet of evening. The door is open and light from her room spills into a small courtyard. Welcoming voices start saying hello but the first thing I see is the Resort Collection, in its entirety, hanging beautifully just inside the archway! Working in this beautiful location with the complete set of samples after months of prep work is such a fulfilling and exciting event. After scanning the rack of palm prints and patterns I see Cassie! She is welcoming and friendly with a focused determination. She knows tomorrow is going to be a long and exciting day and although it is late she wants to work until every last detail is organized and reviewed. We talk about so many things and eventually I return to my room, more than ready for the next day. Morning comes quickly and the entire team is at work before the sun comes up — Suzie Moldovan on hair and makeup, Valorie Darling prepping for photography, Cassie's husband helping in every way, and the cutest Mama Sugarplum preparing to join Cassie on camera. 

As the first outfits are paired and put on (with a lip color promptly applied to match each outfit change) they truly came to life. Cassie’s confident, fun and friendly personality emphasizes the collection’s own popping persona — you could almost say they were made for each other ;) Outfit combinations come effortlessly as every piece is made to match one another. Time flies by as La Serena graciously lets us work in all areas of their beautiful property. The tile work in the restaurant and bar is amazing and keeps drawing us back for more photos, the foyer has a peony framed painting (you may spot in some of our shots) that looks like it was hung to match the collection, and the walkways are all picture perfect. What you see in the photoshoot is the reality of La Serena and the GibsonX High Sugarplum Collection - soft, comfortable, colorful and interchangeable resort wear photographed in Paradise.

Because Cassie is hardworking, optimistic and dedicated to creating helpful content for her followers we were able to take advantage of every minute of sunlight the California desert offered us — only breaking once for a quick lunch in the hours and hours of shooting all 34 variations of the 13 Resort Collection pieces. (Make that 33, here's where I admit we somehow missed one color-way of a certain style!) Suzie Turner, Gibson Founder, arrived in the afternoon to support the process first hand and see Cassie add her magic. She brings a light hearted energy and amazing eye with her wherever she goes, within minutes of her joining us we've made friends with the resort visitors sipping drinks next to our set up. The sun suddenly set on day one and there you have it, my behind the scenes look at arguably the best day of the entire collection production process. Waiting to see the photos afterwards? That’s the hard part. 

Thank you for following along with Hi Sugarplum, Gibson Look, and this vibrant Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Resort Collection! It’s been such an amazing experience — we might just have to do it again.  

Anne Wilcox
Brand Stylist

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