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19 Questions with Erin Schrader

01 May 2019 0 Comments

Meet Erin Schrader one of Gibson's featured Influencers in the upcoming International Women's Day Collection. If you read her bio, you will see that she refers to her life as mediocre, Erin is everything and anything but mediocre. Her passion for embracing the day, and all the people within, is unsurpassed. Erin's knack for supporting woman, hiring woman and bringing joy into the lives of woman is equally unsurpassed. We are thrilled to introduce her as one of our Gibson International Women's Day collaborators. Her responses to the Gibson 19Q are infectious, informative and delightful. Enjoy! 

    1. What makes you laugh? I love to find humor in almost everything [often, the things I shouldn't probably laugh at]. Every day moments - from the countless times I spill coffee all over me, to the Ellen show in the afternoon and my husband's nightly witty comments. I don't take anything too seriously and truly think that laughter is the best medicine.
    2. What era/decade of fashion is your favorite? I have been watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel which is based out of the 1950s and her outfits are incredible! I love all of the patterns, sets and accessories that pull it all together.
    3. Is there a consistent color palette that defines your life? What is the predominant color in your closet? I love color - especially yellow, as if the name of my blog didn't give that away enough ;) Pinks, yellows, greens, purples, if it's color - I'm wearing it!
    4. What is your first closet favorite you remember owning? A Michael Jordan jersey. I wish I was kidding, but whoa, was I obsessed with that man and his basketball skills.
    5. Are you married/partnered? How did you meet? I am married to my husband Shawn, my high school sweetheart. This year we will celebrate our 13 year anniversary. He was a Junior and I was a Freshman in high school when we met and the rest is history, we have been together ever since!
    6. What song would best describe your relationship? You're still the one - Shania Twain
    7. Is blogging your full time job? Do you work elsewhere as well? Blogging is my full-time job and I couldn't love it more! It's funny, I never had the desire to blog full-time when I started this hobby turned business. I had worked at a Credit Union and absolutely loved it - the people, the work, it felt like my second home. Six years after I had been blogging nearly every day, the blog was starting to require more and more of my attention. Because I loved my job so much I had made the decision to hire a full-time employee for Living in Yellow to keep things afloat while I was at my job. After a few months, I realized that I couldn't give my attention to everything and knew that I didn't want to stop blogging which is when I made the decision to go full-time at LIY. Two years later and six full-time employees later, I couldn't be more thrilled with my decision!
    8. What was the inspiration for your blog? Life. That may sound cliche or vague, but it's true. Living in Yellow was born out of a desire to simply document the every day moments of life!
    9. When you were eight years old, what did you want to be? What was your childhood passion? A bagger at a grocery store. There was just something so satisfying to me about putting brand new purchases inside of a bag. I was a BIG dreamer, clearly.
    10. What was your favorite subject in school? Does lunch count? No, but really...
    11. Who or what had the greatest impact on you as a child? As an adult? And Why? My parents, they will always be the coolest people i know. I've always been a daddy's girl as his his humor and positive, fun zest for life is contagious and will forever leave a lasting impression on me. My mom showed me what it meant to work hard while loving her family well. I'm incredibly thankful to have the family that I do!
    12. Where is your favorite place in your hometown? In the world? In my hometown, my house. I am an introvert disguised as an extrovert. I love nothing more than being home, on my couch, with our two puppies snuggled up by my side with a mug of coffee in my hands. In the world - Southern California. Every time I travel there I think "this is where I really belong.."
    13. What do you feel is the most important aspect of your blogging work? There are several things that I would consider the most important - I love that at the core of what I do is all about bringing a smile to somebody else's face. Whether it be through a new top that will make them feel like the confident, beautiful woman that they are, or by sharing a relatable, humorous or vulnerable story/moment that lets somebody know they aren't alone, it has always been my mission to have a reader show up and leave feeling better than when they arrived. Secondly, I love that I get to employ women. The fact that Living in Yellow allows talented women to make a living while practicing their talents and skills is greatly fulfilling and something that I don't take for granted.
    14. What was the moment when you realized that “living in yellow” was more that a hobby? I learned very early on [6 months] into blogging that this "hobby" had the potential to be a business if I would treat it that way. Since day one, I dedicated time and energy into this space and haven't stopped since.
    15. How would you define (in one word) your fashion style at age 12, at age 19, at age 22 and today.? 12 - Tomboy. 19 - As good as my best friend's closet. 22 - Basic and easy. Today - Evolving.
    16. Do you remember your first introduction to Gibson Look? My first ever Gibson article of clothing was the oh so popular convertible neck tunic in the delicious cozy fleece material that I still can't get enough of. I bought it in gray and then in pink and then red and then charcoal and blue and I still haven't stopped adding more colors to my cart...
    17. Describe the Gibson X International Women's Day Collaboration in 19 words or less. A moment for nine women to come together & celebrate our uniqueness through a collection of clothing for today's woman.
    18. What nonprofit organization have you chosen to benefit from your relationship with the Gibson IWD Collection? Dress for Success
    19. Why were they your choice? This past summer the Living in Yellow team hosted a local donation drive for Dress for Success for local readers to bring in gently used clothes to give to women in need. In doing so, I learned a lot about the organization and I love their mission of helping women achieve economic success to provide for themselves and their families. I think there is nothing more beautiful than instilling confidence in a woman, whether that be through an outfit or positive words of affirmation.



We are thrilled to have introduced you to our second Gibson International Women's Day collaborator and to her Gibson19Q's.


Organization: Dress For Success://

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