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19 Questions with Ryanne Janca

14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

We're buzzing with excitement as August is in full swing! In our latest installment of '19 Questions with Gibsonlook Interview,' we're delighted to spotlight Ryanne Janca from The Recruiter Mom. Renowned for our elevated casual workwear, collaborating with Ryanne, whose style and workwear guides align so well with our brand, that it is always a delight as she showcases her top picks for both professional and casual occasions. Our journey began when Ryanne discovered Gibsonlook at Nordstrom and through her committed support of our early collections, which evolved into exclusive Gibsonlook x The Recruiter Mom item drops, and we cherish the partnership and look forward to you getting a closer look of Ryanne!

1. What is one piece from Gibsonlook you couldn’t live without? For sure it’s the Notch Collar Blazer

2. What era/decade of fashion is your favorite? I can’t say an era but just classic styles like Kate Middleton and Jennifer Aniston

3. Is there a consistent color palette that defines your life? What is the predominant color in your closet? The most prominent color in my wardrobe is pinks but on a daily basis I’m drawn to neutrals.

4. What is your first closet favorite you ever remember owning? I’m pretty sure it was a hypercolor shirt in the 90s

5. What makes you laugh? My husband, he is one of the wittiest people that I know

6. What trend are you hoping never comes back? I despise the 90s high waist over baggy look. I see girls in their 20s wearing it and I just think wait 10 years and look at those pictures, you are going to cringe!

7. What trend would you love to have come back? I love that bootcut jeans are having a comeback, I think they are very figure flattering and look great with a ton of tops and shoes.

8. What song would best describe your day today? Shut up and Drive by Rihanna because I’m in the time of life that my kids dictate nearly everything. In the summers it’s driving back and forth to camps, activities etc.

9. What is the most satisfying aspect of your career? I absolutely love working for myself and having the ability to use my success to pay it forward to other women in their own career aspirations.

10. What is your dream vacation destination? My dream vacation is Bora Bora, I love the beach and hope to own a home by the water.

11. What is your proudest accomplishment? I’m so proud that even after a successful 15 career I was able to pivot and start something completely new all on my own. Becoming an influencer has been one of the greatest accomplishments in my life.

12. When you were eight years old, what did you want to be? What was your childhood passion? I’m pretty sure I would always say orthodontist when I was a kid because I had braces for so long. It was never a passion though because I’m pretty squeamish.

13. What was your favorite subject in school (or) What did you study in college? I was a marketing major and I had a Mass media law professor that I loved! There was a hot minute I wanted to go to law school and even took the LSATs but glad I didn’t go that path instead I just binge Suits!

14. Who or what had the greatest impact on your style? I think the greatest impact on my style has come from my previous career. It was so drilled into my head of looking professional and classic that it really stayed with me. Also nearly all my best friends worked for the same company so we have a similar style.

15. What was the inspiration for your blog? My former career as a corporate recruiter. I was so frustrated never seeing workwear fashion or if I did it was on an influencer that was a size 2 and did not represent me.

16. Describe your fashion style at age 10, 25 and today with one word each. Comfortable, Trendy, Classic

17. Looking back, if you could tell yourself anything at age 19 what would it be? Love your body, it will change and evolve and it will never be “perfect” and not being perfect will be your greatest asset!

18. Do you remember your first introduction or piece from Gibson Look? YES! The owner of our daycare was a big shopper like me and she recommended Gibsonlook for cute work tops at Nordstrom.

19. Here at Gibsonlook our lucky number is 19 - what is yours?! My lucky number is 26

You can find Ryanne's Gibsonlook Favorites here along with her instagram, facebook and blog! We hope you enjoyed and can't wait to see you create your next Gibsonlook!



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