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Our Annual Fall Mountain Retreat in Sundance, Utah

05 Oct 2023 0 Comments


Tucked among Utah's breathtaking mountains, a unique few days of work and fun unfolds each fall. For the past few years, Gibsonlook has invited a group of creators and fashion enthusiasts to a two-day retreat. Where we celebrate our partnerships and the new fall collection drops as the change of season begins. While the setting might seem straight out of a movie, our goal has always been to bring the charm of this retreat to life and share exclusive behind-the-scenes. Collection glimpses, trend insights, fun fashion tips, and share the unique backgrounds on some of the women who support and share our brand with you. So please grab a cup of something cozy and read along as we recount our Gibsonlook Fall Retreat.

Sundance Bearclaw Supper Club: Where Dreams Begin

Our retreat began with meet and greets throughout the first afternoon as everyone arrived. Ryanne, Holly, Candace, and Audrie Dollins, trickled in throughout the afternoon, giving our founder, team, photographer, and videographer time to get to know everyone a little better. The day progressed into a memorable evening as we enjoyed a delicious and unique dining experience at The Bearclaw Supper Club on the summit of the Sundance Ski Resort. 

Imagine a picturesque mountain backdrop, bathed in the warm hues of a setting sun and early fall colors beginning to show through the green rolling hills and mountain pines. We ascended the front and back sides of the mountain on three separate ski lifts! Sharing the lift ride while chatting about family, histories, and how we got where we are in our lives and careers, we appreciated every moment! At the top of the mountain, we wined, dined, and laughed while enjoying several tasty trays of appetizers, delicious mains, and delectable desserts. As the evening sun dipped below the horizon to the west and the lake darkened to the east, at 8800 ft elevation, the temps dropped quickly, and it truly felt like the night ushered in FALL! Since we promised some behind-the-scenes we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the night also included dropping a phone from high atop the lift on the way down into the depth of the dark below us; which our ecommerce manager hiked to and searched for until 2 AM (and found!), some pretty intense fear of heights (which were bravely overcome considering the lift rides on the way down felt more like the top peak of the big rollercoaster rides -- right before rolls over the top), all of which made for unimaginable bonding moments and a lot of fun-filled hours.

Breakfast in the Pines: A Moment of Serenity

We woke up to celebrate Audrie's Birthday, a long-time Dallas photographer and founder of a management agency we work with. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, we savored our morning feast and enjoyed freshly brewed coffee in the early morning crisp air as the morning sun filtered through the pines. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention we were all wearing our cozy Gigi Funnel Neck Sweater with matching Gigi Drawstring Ribbed Knit Pant. It was a moment to relax, recharge, and celebrate a special day. 

Exploring Park City and Celebrating Audrie's Birthday

Our adventure continued as we explored Park City, a charming mountain town filled with boutiques and restaurants, known for hosting the annual Sundance Film Festival each year.  (We highly recommend stopping by the next time you come to UT!) We continued to capture photo and video content in our dinner outfits, meandered through its quaint streets, relished italian cuisine at Grappa, and celebrated Audrie's Birthday as well the last evening of our short time together. Lots of laughter, camaraderie, and memorable moments filled our evening. 

COLLECTION HIGHLIGHT: A note from the Gibsonlook Stylist: 

Fall is quintessentially known for its cozy sweaters, matching travel and lounge sets, warm hues and closet staples we look forward to wearing. Fall is definitely my favorite season for fashion. There’s the classic colors that will continue to be in style year after year, but this year we have been loving the pops of Blue come in to play! There’s lots of avenues for Blue to be incorporated into your fall wardrobe between the trending Cornflower (like our best-selling Dianthus Henley Top) or Navy (like our new Notch Collar Double Knit Cardigan) depending on your preference. 

The Sweater Dresses were a favorite during this retreat and for good reason! They’re versatile and lightweight for all occasions - work, weddings, family photos, weekends, date night, or the farmers market! 

We had fun styling our new tops with our blazers and denim, our dresses and stayed cozy through it all! 

As the sun set on our final evening, our hearts brimmed with gratitude. This annual retreat isn't just a tradition; it's an invitation to connect with the influencers closest to our audience and listen to their ideas and suggestions in hopes of delivering collections that fill your wishes and at its heart, this retreat celebrates the bond between Gibsonlook and some of the incredible women we work with and their communities. 

To get to know the influencers a bit better, check out our fun “30 Questions” video on YouTube that we filmed during the retreat!



Additionally, here is the link to Ryanne, Holly and Candace’s Instagram! They are such great resources for all things fashion, home and lifestyle!  


Stay tuned as this opportunity to discover seasonal fashion, make new friends, and be a part of something extraordinary will be open by invitation to our audience next year, and we look forward to welcoming you to next year's retreat. Subscribe here for more information. 

Stay cozy, enjoy a PSL today and we’ll be back soon!
XO Gibsonlook

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