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19Q's with Lindsey Schuster

08 May 2019 0 Comments

Meet Lindsey Schuster, a teacher, mother, savvy businesswoman and entertaining writer who is the heart and wit behind the blog The Motherchic. Lindsey describes the site as a "collision between motherhood and fashion." It has been a delight to work with Lindsey throughout the last few months and we are thrilled to introduce her as one of our Gibson IWD Influencers. Enjoy her 19Q's.

    1. What makes you laugh? - My team is making me say “My team” - but no really they are pretty funny! My kids also make me laugh - they each have a different sense of humor (from dry to just plain silly) and really I just love seeing them laughing and happy. Nothing is better.
    2. What era/decade of fashion is your favorite? Probably now because anything goes. I love taking styles from previous decades and making them relevant today.
    3. Is there a consistent color palette that defines your life? What is the predominant color in your closet? - I love neutrals - grays, blacks, white, blues. If I wear color it is usually muted tones or pastels. But then again who is to say I wouldn’t rock a bright red dress? Everything in moderation!
    4. What is your first closet favorite you ever remember owning? - Definitely designer jeans. I bought my first pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans in college and thought I was pretty awesome.
    5. Are you married? How did you and your husband meet? Do you remember the spark moment when you knew he was the one. Yes, and I knew he was “the one” when I was 14. We have been dating since the homecoming dance in 9th grade and the rest is history.
    6. What song would best describe your family dynamics? It’s Raining Men - no really, I am seriously out-numbered!
    7. How does music factor into your life? - Music is a huge part of our family. We are constantly listening to music and it is the best distraction during those cranky hours when I am trying to make dinner and help with 4th grade math….
    8. Is blogging your full time job or do you work somewhere else as well? Do they compliment or contrast? Blogging is my full-time job. I was an elementary school teacher before I started The Motherchic. I decided to stay home to be with my kids after my second son was born. Once my blog started taking off I decided to go for it - I hired a babysitter and started treating this hobby like a full time job. It was the best decision I ever made.
    9. What is the inspiration for your blog? I am inspired by women who are in the thick of motherhood. It is so easy to lose yourself when your focus is on your kids, but I have found that feeling good about yourself radiates through your entire life. I love giving women style inspiration so they can go about their day with confidence.
    10. Do you have children? What is the most satisfying aspect of combining motherhood and multiple careers? (pause) What is the least? Yes I have four boys under the age of 9. They are loud, messy, chaotic and delicious. I love being able to show them that I built my own business during naptime. The hardest part is that they don’t quite understand that yet… but someday. Another challenging party is turning my job off - social media is 24/7, but I’ve found that investing in a team to help me was the best for my work/life balance.
    11. When you were eight years old, what did you want to be? I definitely wanted to be a broadway star… the only problem was that I can’t sing. Womp womp. My husband jokingly says I’m the double threat… I can act and dance, but singing… yikes!
    12. In one word, how would you define your fashion style at age 12? 16? 21? Today? At 12 I was sporty (Umbros and Sambas, anyone?), and at 16 I was wearing whatever the Gap sold, and 21 I was probably at my worst - sexy tops and too tight black pants. Oh college years.. Why?!
    13. Who or what had the greatest impact on you as a child? As an adult? Why? Definitely my mom. She has 5 kids but made each of us feel like the most important person in the world. That confidence she instilled in us is one of my best traits. Clearly :)
    14. What was your favorite subject in school? Favorite book as a child? As an adult? My favorite subject anything but math! I am definitely more of a creative-brained person and love writing. As a child my favorite book was Where the Red Fern Grows and as an adult my favorite book is… wait? Adults read? In all seriousness, making time to read is something I am working on. I write all day so that counts, right?  
    15. Tell us three things about you we do not know. I have four sisters (and 4 sons), I don’t like cooking but I love eating, I snore (sometimes)
    16. Do you remember your first introduction to Gibson Look? My first Gibson purchase was the convertible tunic and once you wear something that soft and that fashionable.. It’s hard to stop buying everything they put out!
    17. Describe the Gibson X International Women's Day Collaboration in 19 words or less. This collection is bold and bright and represents the strength and diversity of women.
    18. What nonprofit organization have you chosen to benefit from your relationship from the Gibson X IWD Collection? The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
    19. Why were they your choice? Every time I walk into that hospital (usually for a broken bone or stitches), I am quickly reminded how lucky our city is to have one of the best hospitals within our reach. Many of the families who are there are not there for broken bones, but for much more serious issues. As a mom I can't even fathom - I can only hope for the best care possible which comes from the best research, the best technology, the best doctors, all of which is dependent upon our donations.

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