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Creating a Collection: Home for the Holidays with Hi Sugarplum

18 Oct 2020 0 Comments
Our relationship with Cassie Freeman of Hi Sugarplum is on its 7th collection (click here for our history). ...And we're wondering how it has already been a year since our first  
Hi Sugarplum Holiday collection together?

We are delighted to share some exciting news!

The 2nd annual Gibsonlook x Hi Sugarplum HOLIDAY collection with Cassie Freeman is launching Thursday 10/22 on! And yes, we created and designed it during June/July, in a way that was slightly different from what we're used to! It all started with preparation for a concept presentation sufficient for a conference call. Our amazing design team worked on a trend presentation and created mood boards. From there, they sourced a phenomenal selection of holiday fabrics, sketched whimsical items and details and chose a color story (which, of course, included pinks!). 

Then came the presentation and Zoom call to combine these initial ideas with Cassies' attention to detail and appreciation for creating items that are just right. Cassie is an expert at knowing the small details that make the pieces stand out and become favorites. We are so grateful to work with Cassie and look forward to the amazing combination of ideas that collaboration creates every time.

We kept the holiday season in mind throughout the entire creative and design process. Last year's collection was a fan favorite! And so we asked ourselves, "What will our audiences look forward to this 2020 Holiday season? What matters most to them, now. Will people be able to join together with friends and have gatherings?" 

Through a lot of guessing combined with creative and thoughtful conversations we concluded this: we all love the holidays, and we want to dress up, even if it's at home. We want quality pieces that will last longer than this year and be season-upon-season favorites — and of course, we want versatility. These are the Gibsonlook brand values and are equally important to Cassie's audience. To have her insight through this decision making and planning process is invaluable, always!! 

We are excited to share with you the outcome of this creative process, in the words of Cassie we ultimately “were inspired by cozy nights in, long dinners around a festive table, friends coming together on a screen, and every other holiday celebration we'll have this year! Our goal was to create a collection with a little something for whatever the holidays have in store for you.” This process created pieces you want to pull out of your closet all year long — are we the only ones still reaching for favorites from the last holiday collection? 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram as we roll out more to this sorry and sneak peek the collection! @gibsonlook

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