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How We Found: Hey Nasreen

08 Oct 2020 1 comment

Sometimes Influencers find us, and sometimes we find them. Still, we are always actively searching to expand an authentic collective of content creators and women who inspire and help others in the daily demands of life. We want to bring inclusivity and diversity and perspective and promote trusted influencers who give our everyday lives various recommendations to make them more carefree. 

We began reaching out to empower women but quickly realized that influencers gave other women relatable experiences, life hacks and so much more, which empowered us to build on our model. 

And yes, sometimes it’s all clothing and beauty but it’s also a trusted supporter and someone with your same needs, same body type, or personal situation. And of course, style. Style is essential in our lives, and it helps us get out the door - and it’s not always easy with all the noise to find what works. 

This leads us to our new series:

We want to celebrate and share our path to finding (or being found!) and working with influencers you love. And express our deep desire to continue finding creators you relate to and want to see more of. 

Introducing: Nasreen Shahi of Hey Nasreen 

(see item here)

In 2018, Nasreen of Hey Nasreen blog shared one of our signature Cozy Fleece items offered at Nordstrom. While we didn't realize it at first -- this process is organic and can sometimes take time, did we mention she only started blogging in 2018!? -- her audience loved this top and we could not keep our XXS sizes in stock. Once we discovered her posts wearing and sharing our signature Cozy Fleece pieces in petites and XXS, the sell-outs began to make sense. We were excited to connect and begin working together.

(see item here)

Nasreen is a delight. She is an enthusiastic mom of three, she’s kind, gracious, knows her audience, and immediately knew what she wanted to share from our brand. She suggested we offer her favorite tunic in IVORY, which we quickly did. She knew what her followers and customers wanted to see and had measurement suggestions to improve our smaller sizes—all great information for getting closer to our shoppers' needs. 

We knew then that we wanted to continue designing products with her. We asked her to collaborate on a design and create a piece for her audience and join our International Women's Day Collection launch at Nordstrom. We love our multiple influencer collaborations where we have various opinions and sizes representing different audiences, and this was no exception (read more about this launch and event here) .


She wanted a comfortable jumpsuit with fun details and imagined a versatile piece for casual and dressed up. We combined her ideas with our signature soft fabrics and excellent quality to create a long-lasting (now best-selling favorite) seasonless item. She has an incredible eye for styling and has continued to show us and her audience how to wear the jumpsuit all year long.

(see item here)

Women from the International Women’s Day collection all styling the @heynasreen Jumpsuit 

This item proved to be one of the best of the season! We have brought it back on our site (Gibsonlook) in other colors and will continue bringing it in in different fabrics and we are updating it every season. (Sign up here to hear about our collection drops and never miss an offer and watch for more from Hey Nasreen)

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1 comment

15 Jul 2022 Lily
Thank you for showing so much diversity here with this post ✌🏼Much needed today & tomorrow

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