• How We Found Hey Nasreen

    How We Found Hey Nasreen
    Sometimes Influencers find us, and sometimes we find them. Still, we are always actively searching to expand an authentic collective of content creators and women who inspire and help others in the daily demands of life. We want to bring inclusivity and diversity and perspective and promote trusted influencers who give our everyday lives various recommendations to make them more carefree.  We began reaching...
  • 19 Questions with Roselyn Weaver

    19 Questions with Roselyn Weaver
    Meet Roselyn Weaver, one of Gibson's featured Influencers in the upcoming International Women's Day Collection. If you read her bio you'll learn she is “100% filipina, born in Guam, raised in California and currently residing in Texas.” Roselyn has a degree in Fashion Merchandising and works in Supply Chain Management. She is the mother of two four-legged boys and married to one amazing man. What...
  • 01- Behind the Brand with Suzie Turner

    01- Behind the Brand with Suzie Turner
    Hello & Welcome to Navigate 19!  It’s a new year, with new trends, and the creative conversations at Gibson are soaring. Over the past year, our brand has evolved with our customer, defined our voice and nurtured valued relationships. It is an exciting time to be a part of the fashion industry. 2019 on the Chinese calendar is the year of the pig -...
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