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The Motherchic: Past/Present/Future

20 Sep 2020 0 Comments

We love sharing our history and path with the influencers we collaboratively work with. Lindsey Schuster and her team at The Motherchic have been a part of our Gibsonlook family for over two years and three successful Gibsonlook X The Motherchic collections. Looking back to each one, we thought it would be fun to share our relationship, history and give you a few flashbacks.

Gibson x The Motherchic Live & Love collection

Breezy styles perfect for busy lives and slow casual family trips to the beach. A collection of styles designed for warm summer afternoons and evenings under the stars. The gentle florals, nautical and coastal patterns and softest of jersey fabrics will have you ready for every activity from the sidelines to the dance floor.

Gibsonlook x The Motherchic All The Days collection

All the Days was a pivotal moment and the first collection to launch on our site. Most of our collaboration collections, up to this point, were launching at Nordstrom so we were excited and somewhat apprehensive about pulling it off. Lindsey was the perfect partner to do this with us. She embodies calm confidence - and this casual collection of a few of our signature looks of cozy items infused with Lindsey’s elevated basics design approach made this collection launch one to remember! 

Then came 2020, and while we were together for our Gibsonlook x Glam 2019 photoshoot Lindsey and I would peel time away to design and plan our next collection drop, which we scheduled to drop in March 2020. 


Gibsonlook x The Motherchic Sunshine collection

When the planned drop date of March 19th, 2020, came around we were in a heightened state of unknowns: quarantined at home in early stages of a worldwide pandemic. We debated back and forth, is this the right time? What do people need right now? Should we hold for later in the year? Through conversations and audience feedback (thank goodness for polls) we found it was a needed diversion and quickly became something to engage in as a community. We launched on with Lindsey from home (and kids in tow -- check out the fun posts from the day) Our supporting influencers and friends also helped us get the word out, and the day was a welcomed event. Lindsey handled this moment with grace, compassion, and professionalism. 

 From the beginning, Lindsey and her sister Abby (who was a designer for Anthropologie--need we say more?) have been active in the concept of our collections, the designs and passionately, the details. With each group, we call attention to the small stuff that sometimes goes unnoticed but gives each item that inner beauty… which also sums up Lindsey. She is beautiful from the inside out and has an incredible calm about her, yet she's clearly a BOSS (and mom of four). She's a delight to work with, and her team is full of creative ideas (you can follow The Motherchic, here.)

We've now launched 3 full-scale collaborative collections together with The Motherchic, and Lindsey was a part of our Glam Holiday collection last year. Every collaboration and the piece of customer feedback we receive moves us toward designing what the customer wants through partnership we trust and engage with. 


Now, maybe we already tipped you, off....but we anxiously await the launch of Gibsonlook x The Motherchic Home Life collection launching Thursday September 24 exclusively on What to expect? Well, in Lindsey’s words:

“ The feel of this collection is that first sip of coffee, an extra 10 minutes of sleep, a phone call from an old friend, a glass of wine on a Friday night, a hug, a kiss, a happy dream… it just feels good.”

Serene sets and silhouettes coming soon - for sneak peeks visit us at

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