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How We Found Haute Off The Rack

28 Oct 2020 0 Comments
Welcome to our How We Found (or they found us) series...

We love celebrating and sharing our path to finding or being found and working with influencers — and declare our deep desire to continue to find content creators that you relate to and want to see more of (so share your favorites!) or read about some of ours:

We are thrilled to introduce... Jennifer Palpallatoc Perrault of Haute Off The Rack

Our relationship with Jenn is relatively new but we knew it was a great match from her first #gibsonlook early this spring. Jenn had just had her first baby and was looking for nursing friendly items for her during this time with sweet baby Beck — cue Gibsonlook signature cozy fabrics and styles. Jenn first styled the Surplice Wrap Jumpsuit which is a huge part of why we are bringing this piece back with added colors in a big restock today - shop here! 

Jen masterfully took some of our best selling items and used them as nursing friendly tops and daily looks. She wore the jumpsuit styled down and dressed up and since we're all about versatility, we LOVE how that resonated with our customers.

Check out all her Gibsonlook styling try-on sessions here.

We loved working with Jenn and knew we wanted to take things to the next level. We began working together with Jenn to design a signature Haute Off The Rack piece to layer over the jumpsuit and add to any outfit to immediately elevate the look and make the cozy home jumpsuit even cozier! 

Jenn is 5'1 and petite and an excellent source for the needs of a petite customer (who we want to cater to more and more with every added collection). Most of our items are relaxed in fit and the cozy items are offered in XXS, which is comparable to an XSP.

Jenn is a pleasure to work with. She is passionate, knowledgeable about trends, and engaged in the process. And of course, she knows her audience and had incredible feedback about all the small details to ensure the items were what she wanted! 

Shop Jenn’s new duster and all restocks happening here and sign up here to be the first to hear our exciting announcement with Haute Off The Rack and get info on all our collection drops, special offers and insider information. 

Sometimes Influencers find us, and sometimes we find them. Still, we are always actively searching to expand an authentic collective of content creators who inspire and help others in the daily demands of life. We want to bring inclusivity and diversity and perspective and promote trusted influencers who give our everyday lives various life hacks and recommendations to make them more carefree and creative. 
We began reaching out to empower women but quickly realized that influencers mean so much to their followers, which was empowering and inspiring to us in return. Sometimes it's all clothing and beauty, but it's also someone with your same needs or body type, lifestyle, and personal situation. And of course, it's style you can relate to. Fashion is significant in our lives; knowing what we feel good in and want to wear makes those rushed moments and meaningful occasions a bit more manageable. 
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