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Collab Sessions: Gibsonlook x Glam 2020 pt. 1

05 Nov 2020 0 Comments
This is the Season for JOY and, for us, one of our favorite seasons to collaborate. COMING SOON: Gibsonlook x Glam round THREE. The collection for 2020 is a celebration of JOY and collaborative spirit; an elevated lounge & holiday collaboration  joyfully designed with eight of our influencer friends. 
When designing the initial presentations for this collection, our lead designers found hope and inspiration from this quote by Cleo Wade,

 "Oftentimes, when the world feels chaotic, we begin to feel as if it is somehow inappropriate to have joy. Have your joy. Joy is a form of radical self-care. Joy energizes us to take on even the most difficult circumstances. When we have joy, especially in the midst of challenging times, we are saying to the world "I will define the current state of the world around me instead of allowing it to define me." Today, regardless of what is happening, empower yourself by embracing your joy." 
-Cleo Wade

The resulting beautiful collection is full of soft luxe fabrics, elevated lounge, and of course, mix and match pieces for holiday versatility: yes, they sparkle, glow, shimmer, and shine but are also soft and cozy and luxurious feeling. This year's collection is more versatile than ever and ready for everything planned - small group gatherings, friends night in, family dinners, date nights, and whatever new holiday gatherings are upon us this year. The collection can be dressed down for year-round wearability or dressed up for when you're ready to go out, paired together, and worn with whatever you have in mind throughout the holiday season and beyond. (For insider info and launch discount and the chance to win it all, follow our instagram @gibsonlook!) 

Without any further delay - let's get to know a few of the faces behind the collection, introducing Steph Taylor Jackson, Natasha Stoneking, Sarah Lambert, and Ashley Lastovica! 

Stay tuned for part two introducing the rest of our Glam collaborators, follow us @gibsonlook and subscribe here, so you don't miss out on special launch discounts, giveaways, and more! 

Sarah Lambert

Sarah Lambert has an authentic outlook on everything; she's honest and will leave you laughing and wanting more. She brings her perspective and a joyful, easy-going approach to our collaborations. We fell in love working with her because she shares our admiration for all things COZY. Which makes us great partners. (Follow along with her here)

Find out what part of the process Sarah’s enjoyed the most, how she describes the collection, and more! 

Steph Jackson

We think Steph adds an ability to share our items with exceptional styling versatility. This being our second GLAM collaboration but the third collection with Steph, she outdid the versatility concept by timing it perfectly to show us actual before baby and after. We are thrilled to share the fantastic news of her new baby Zoe. And we should mention, beyond impressed and inspired by her and her doing this with us this season. (Follow along with her here)

See where and how Steph will be styling the collection and what JOY means to her! 

Ashley Lastovica 

Ashley has been a part of all three Gibsonlook x Glam Collections - from gathering together that first time in LA to home photoshoots this year. She originated the sequin joggers or Fancy Pants concept as we like to call them, and we've enjoyed creating and reinventing them together every year since! We have fun new options this year and cant wait to share! (Follow along with her here)

Here’s how Ashley would describe the collection coming, how she will style the collection and more! 

Natasha Stoneking 

Hello Happiness is a perfectly fitting blog handle for Natasha. We love her spirit and smile, and her design process is thoughtful and intentional, and along the way, it's filled with happy energy that leaves you smiling. This collection is the second time we've worked with Natasha and looking forward to more. (Follow along with her here)

Find out what JOY means to Natasha, and what part of the process she’s enjoyed most!  

"One of the things that most brings me JOY is HOME, and while it seems like we've been doing a lot of staying HOME, I love nothing more than informal dinners with family and friends and living in yummy soft fabrics that elevate lounge and elements that dress up the Holidays. This collection is lounge but also luxurious, and I'm excited to wear all of it this season."  

The collaboration process is something we treasure at Gibsonlook and honor the opportunity to work with each of these creators. With every collection, the group dynamic evolves and adds personality and character to the pieces created. This year, while done differently, we think we have some fun things in store and hope you'll follow along. We loved every step of this process - from introductory phone calls to designing long distance to zoom parties together! 

--Suzie Turner founder Gibsonlook

Countdown to Gibsonlook x Glam collection launch with us @gibsonlook


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