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Collab Sessions: Gibsonlook x Glam 2020 pt. 2

10 Nov 2020 0 Comments
We are two days away from our most celebrated launch of the year! This season’s Gibsonlook x GLAM collection is a celebration of JOY and collaborative spirit; an elevated lounge & holiday collaboration joyfully designed with eight of our influencer friends.

The collaboration process is something we always look forward to - getting to know and work closely with influencers always brings an amazing energy to every project.

And so without further ado, let us introduce you to the a few more of the x GLAM 2020 collaborators: Ryanne Janca
(@therecruitermom), Erin Schrader (@livinginyellow), Anna Montiero (@anna_brstyle) and Jenn Pallpatoc (@hauteofftherack). 
To catch up with the other four women of this collaboration see part one of our Glam collab sessions, here.

Ryanne Janca

Where to begin! Working with Ryanne has been a seamless (and FUN) process from the very beginning. We credit this to her genuine spirit, if you have followed along with her you know she is kind and optimistic. We have loved following her posts since her first Gibsonlook love - the Living In Yellow crossover blouse from our first ever Living In Yellow collaboration three years ago! She has since loved and shared our Hi Sugarplum collaborations and more. We are thrilled at the chance to finally be launching our first ever Ryanne items as part of this Glam collection. She was in tune with what styles and details work best on her body and what she knows her followers will be looking for - follow along with her here for more! 

What does she think about this collection and season? Find out below! 

Palpallatoc Perrault

We just released a Cozy Duster together and realized quickly that Jenn knows her audience and style very well. She is able to deliver details and designs to her followers in the most amazing way. Working with her we have discovered how thoughtful and creative Jenn is. She cares deeply about those around her from her mom and sisters to her circle of friends. We are excited to release our collaborative items this Thursday - you might want to shop early, we’re sensing a sell-out! To read all about Jenn, see our recent post featuring our collaborations together here.

Find out what Jenn’s favorite part of the collection process is her favorite, how she’ll be wearing the collection this year and more! 

Erin Schrader

If you know Gibsonlook, chances are you already know Erin and the team at Living In Yellow! Our first collaboration ever was with Erin, kicking off the Gibsonlook collaboration process and everything that has followed. Erin is someone we consider not only a partner but a friend. She is hilarious and easy going and her GLAM pieces speak to her fun personality! Look forward to versatile items that will flow with every occasion. (Read more about our collaborations with Erin and her team hereand look for more exciting Gibsonlook x Living in Yellow announcements soon!)

See what part of the process Erin loves most, how she would describe the upcoming collection and more! 

Anna Monteiro 

Anna has a way with styling that brings pieces and styles to life. She knows how to create looks that are live-in worthy and her pieces in this upcoming collection are no exception. Her vision from starting the design process to styling the photoshoot has resulted in chic lounge pieces that are sure to be fast favorites. She is quick witted and fun to follow - if you aren’t already, find her here! 

Hear how Anna will be spending the holidays in this collection and more!

After the amazing collaborative design process of the last few months, the result is a beautiful collection is full of soft luxe fabrics, elevated lounge, and of course, mix and match pieces for holiday versatility: yes, they sparkle, glow, shimmer, and shine but are also soft and cozy and luxurious feeling. This year's collection is more versatile than ever and ready for everything planned - small group gatherings, friends night in, family dinners, date nights, and whatever new holiday gatherings are upon us this year. The collection can be dressed down for year-round wearability or dressed up for when you're ready to go out, paired together, and worn with whatever you have in mind throughout the holiday season and beyond. 

For insider info and launch discount and the chance to win it all, follow our instagram @gibsonlook!
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