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How It's Going: Haute Off The Rack

08 Sep 2021 0 Comments

How we Found Jennifer Palpallatoc Perrault update...and How it's coming along...  

It's Coming in Haute....along with Fall. This is ironic since the weather is challenging us all. But Fall does happen, and usually, it sneaks up on us. Suddenly we're all craving pumpkin anything, comfort foods, and fabulous, versatile wardrobe essentials that help us transition into colder days. 

In our first How We Found Series about Jenn (read that post here), we shared our first few item drops together. We had incredible success creating Mom Friendly items with Jenn and finding ways to take our Gibsonlook bestsellers, add a piece, and create an effortlessly elevated look. 

Fast forward a few months, and we have since launched so many FUN Gibsonlook x Haute off the Rack items. We added colors in the best-selling duster and jumpsuit from our earlier drops, and after high demand for another restock, have them coming back this year. We also dropped a few versatile dresses for Summer, all signature HAUTE OFF THE RACK  looks designed in collaboration with Jenn P. 

Now, fast forward a few more months, and we are thrilled to drop a complete collection with Jenn. This collection is launching on September 10th (subscribe here for early access). These collections are a labor of love for everyone involved. The process is fun but pretty intense and always requires a lot of thought regarding what to bring to life. 

We met in LA for a few days to do a photo shoot on the beach with some summer items and Jenn's Smocked Dresses. 



While there, we had a design meeting to review Jenn's design ideas she had sent to us before our trip. During these meetings, the Gibsonlook Design team presents a collection concept that includes the ideas received. They have a set of first samples, a color and trend display, fabric options, and we discuss collection LOOKS and goals. We asked Jenn what she envisioned, and she said, "I always envisioned I'd be in the corporate world, and this was the type of wardrobe I saw myself wearing, put together and sophisticated, in a comfortable way." The focus was super soft fabrics and dressed-up items that could also be cool and comfortable on weekends or an evening out. After that, we moved into production, where we developed the fabrications, custom-dyed the colors, and fit every item with meticulous attention. summary, we think it's going pretty well. We're proud to work with passionate influencers who put so much thought into what their audience wants, and we, in-turn, hope to impress and delight them with the final product. Every step is collaborative and thought out, and we are so grateful for our customers for coming along with us and supporting these collections! We could not do this without everyone, especially you! 


Thank you for being a part of the Gibsonlook Community, and subscribe here for more news, drops, and exciting things to come. 


Suzie Turner 

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